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                                                   ADJUSTABLE  PIANO  FOOT  RESTS                

When a child plays the piano and their feet are not flat on the the floor then it is necessary to put something under the feet so that they sit in a balanced position. Without support for their feet a child will not be in a good seating position to develop the necessary technical and musical skills to play the piano well.


 8 levels. 7 adjustable levels (highest level 290mm) and a lower fixed level (30mm from the floor).


Foot rests are placed directly under the child’s feet, close to the chair the child is sitting on. Foot rests are not meant to go over the pedals.


The piano foot rests are made out of hoop pine furniture grade plywood. Foot stools are sealed with a clear matt varnish or black gloss paint.


Weight   3.2kg                                      

Height    300mm

Width     360mm

Depth     275mm


Price:  $110.00 (clear matt finish) + postage and handling if required

            $150.00 (black gloss finish) + postage and handling if required

Made by Challis Woodworks

Enquiries PH: (02) 9489 1151

Piano footstol plain 1e 18.5.24 IMG_5435 (002).jpg
Plain footstool 1a 18.5.24 IMG_5444 (002).jpg
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